Learn About City MasterKeyLearn About City MasterKey

There has never been a card as convenient as this.
Your City MasterKey™ loyalty card is accepted everywhere you see this symbol City MasterKey . Simply present your City MasterKey™ rewards card to merchants and begin earning rewards EVERYWHERE YOU SHOP or DINE! There has never been a card as convenient as this.

We have selected merchants all around town to participate in the City MasterKey™ network.

Each merchant offers City MasterKey™ specific rewards for shopping in their store or restaurant. When you shop or dine the merchant will scan your card to credit you with your loyalty points and send you a FREE gift certificate when you reach their individual loyalty point threshold. Keep going back… keep earning points… keep receiving rewards.

Whichever card you choose to own, your card can be used at any of the City MasterKey participating merchants. Select the card most appealing to you, then present your card for rewards everywhere you shop!

That’s it! So simple… so rewarding!

Buy City MasterKeyBe rewarded for all of your purchases.
Participation in the City MasterKey™ program is just $5.00.
One City MasterKey™ card will unlock hundreds of dollars in rewards all over town!

Find City MasterKey MerchantsHow do you get started?
Click here to find a City MasterKey™ merchant group where you live, shop and dine. Find the participant reward offers then purchase your City MasterKey™ so you can start earning loyalty                                        rewards today.

Recommend a MerchantRecommend a Merchant!
Don’t see the merchants where you like to shop? Send us a recommendation and we will invite your favorite merchants to participate in the City MasterKey™ network.

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