Welcome Back RewardsInteractive Marketing was formed in 2001 with the goal of helping small merchants develop more sophisticated ways to increase customer loyalty and provide consumer rewards to offer to their clients.

Interactive Marketing understands that small merchants needed a cost effective, sophisticated solution to capturing marketing statistics and encourages customers to continue to patronize their locations.  In 2002, Welcome Back Rewards™ was launched to do just that!  The program takes advantage of the direct marketing opportunities provided by data capture from email marketing to custom direct mailing offerings.  This highly effective program helps level the playing field for small merchants when competing for customer loyalty with large established chains who have vastly larger budgets for expensive electronic marketing solutions.  Welcome Back Rewards™ encourages customers to return to merchants more often and spend more when they return.

With the Welcome Back Rewards™ program, your customers can enjoy earning rewards and gift certificates based on a point system that you, the merchant, has total control over!  They simply need to present their convenient reward card or key tag each time they frequent your establishment.  As an additional bonus, you can send out additional rewards via email or mail.

In 2009, we launched the City MasterKey™ program! This unique addition to our software platform allows the consumer to carry a single card on their key chain that functions at every participating merchant location. It’s the ultimate convenience card for the customer! One card earns rewards all over town. And it’s the ultimate marketing opportunity for merchant participants. City MasterKey™ creates a fantastic opportunity for merchant collaboration!  As a network participant, merchants can use this low-cost marketing solution to increase shopping frequency and give merchants the opportunity to build their customer base by being promoted in other merchant locations.

Interactive Marketing offers loyalty solutions for the merchant and merchant collaboration through its Welcome Back Rewards™ suite of products.